Workshop: Comms skills


The pace of change has never been so fast and it’ll never be this slow again.

If Facebook was a country, the video used to run, it would be the biggest country in the world.

But the trick is not knowing all the new channels but knowing the right channel in the right place at the right time.

Timeless skills such as comms planning and evaluation are just as relevant as when the fax and transparencies sent by post were king.

For the past 20 years I’ve been working for and with the media as a journalist, in a senior public sector communications position and for the past five years as director of comms2point0. I set-up one of the first 100 public sector Twitter accounts anywhere in the world in 2009 and have trained people from hundreds of organisations.


Yo and your team will learn a whole range of skills, including:

  • – Up-to-date data on how you can reach different age groups by targeting the digital and offline channels they prefer.
  • – Cutting-edge tips to stay the right side of the algorithm to reach your publics.
  • – Understand how newspapers have evolved into media companies with an online audience 40 times bigger than their print readership and what content they’re hungry for.
  • EXCLUSIVE RESEARCH on how Facebook groups dominate UK communities and how you can best connect with them.
  • How timing your content is all and how to best do it on a budget.
  • How to comms planning to mix digital and offline channels to best reach your audience.
  • How Artificial Intelligence is on the horizon and what means for you.


Upcoming dates



LONDON 30.5.19

NCVO, Kings Cross, London

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LEEDS 31.5.19

Carriageworks, Leeds

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