Who am I?

Hello. I’m Dan Slee. I ‘m half of comms2point0 where I help organisations communicate better.  I used to have a senior role in a local government communications team. Before then, I used to be assistant chief reporter at the largest district office at the largest regional newspaper in the UK.

I’ve spent almost 20 years working with and for the media.

I’ve helped shape and carry out social media and open data policy for the local authority I work for. I train people too.

I’m a bit fascinated with how technology can help organisations and people communicate better with each other.

I also love former Sunday Times editor Harold Evans’ line about loving newspapers but being utterly intoxicated with the power and possibility of the internet.

Some digital projects I’ve been involved with…

Helped create one of the first 100 local government Twitter streams in the world: @walsallcouncil.

Helped win the LG Comms Social Media Gold Award 2011 for the Walsall 24 campaign.

Helped train and create more than 60 social media profiles across Walsall Council. That’s the largest number in any UK local government.

Helped create BrewCamp. This is the first regular unconference for people in and around local government outside London.

Helped launch HyperWM an annual unconference for people in and around local government in the West Midlands.

Contributed to Helpful Technology’s Digital Engagement Guide.

Helped create Comms2point0 one of the largest online resources for communications people  online.

Guest blogger at:

The Guardian, Media 140, Wannabe Hacks, Learning Pool, Governing People and Comms2point0.

Speaker at:


Hacks & Hackers in Birmingham, The Black Country Social Media Cafe in Wolverhampton, LGiD Local by Social online conference in Coventry, Local by Social Midlands in Coventry, West Midlands Observatory in Birmingham, LG Comms in Coventry, SOCITM, Manchester, Learning Pool Walsall 24 webinar, Staffordshire County Council, Stafford, LG Comms, Nottingham and Cardiff, Public Sector Networks and Comms2point0 & Public Sector Networks.


LG Comms, Cardiff.


LG Comms Scotland, Dalkeith, Public Sector Networks, Glasgow and Comms2point0 & Public Sector Networks, Glasgow.


socialmedia4gov, Dubai.

Get in contact:


You can also find me here:

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Facebook – Connecting to family and friends.

Quora – Questions answered.

Flickr – Images posted.

Twitter – Where I am most of the time.

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Posterous – My non-digital blog.

Traditional disclaimer: 

These are my views on this blog. Not necessarily my employer’s.

Creative commons credit:

Ann Kempster http://www.flickr.com/photos/annkempster/6730390685/sizes/l/in/photosof-danieldslee/

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