JAM TODAY: Social media expressed as doughnuts

Sometimes you come across something in your timeline that nails something. In a picture.

This image tweeted by Ian Morton-Jones (@iamjones on Twitter) is one of those marvellous things that does just that.

Fun as well as educational it sums up social media through the medium of doughnuts.

Mind you, I’ve had to put the ‘u’ back for a UK audience.

Twitter: I am eating a #doughnut.

Facebook: I like doughnuts.

Foursquare:  This is where I eat doughnuts.

Instagram:  Here’s a vintage photo of my doughnut.

Youtube: Here I am eating a doughnut.

LinkedIn: My skills include eating a doughnut.

Pinterest: My skills include eating a doughnut.

LastFM: Now listening to “doughnuts.”

G+: I’m a Google employee eating doughnuts.

Hats off to douglaswray who posted this image to instagram.

9 Comments on “JAM TODAY: Social media expressed as doughnuts”

  1. Tom Phillips says:


    They missed:

    Yammer- Do we have a policy statement on doughnuts?
    Huddle: Anyone want a doughnut?
    WordPress: How many bloody flavours of doughnuts do we need anyway?
    Freecycle: Save me from the rest of these dougnuts!
    Flickr: Here are my new doughnuts


    • Dan Slee says:

      That’s excellent, Tom.

      Here are some more:

      Google Wave: Here’s Emporer’s New Clothes Doughnuts.
      Google Buzz: Here’s Emporer’s New Clothes Doughnuts. Again.
      Pinboard: Here’s my collection of old doughnuts.
      Friends ReUnited: Here’s my school doughnuts but I’ve not looked at them in ages.

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  4. MySpace – These donuts are sooo 2005

    Delicious – I used to have a whole load of Donut links on here before Yahoo! screwed it up

    and my own spin on the Flickr one from personal experience with a Flickr vintage camera group…

    Flickr – I just bought a 1972 vintage donut from the Ukraine that doesn’t work, what am I doing wrong?

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  6. […] JAM TODAY: Social media expressed as doughnuts by Dan Slee. […]

  7. Konkura.com: Eaten too many donuts, need to exercise immediately

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